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Your Solution to Overwhelm

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Do you often find yourself overwhelmed with everything that needs to get done and sometimes unclear about your priorities? This situation is extremely common nowadays for many people. In my experience, it seems that women are particular prone to this issue. The good news is that there is a real solution AND... if you're reading this, there's a good chance you're ready for it.

It's important for you to know that the solution to your overwhelm is NOT a magic pill that will instantly make everything work easily and smoothly. Rather, it is a game, which will help you focus, restore balance, get important things done and most importantly allow you to FEEL good about yourself, your life and your future. Not too shabby for a game, right?

However, I must warn you. This is no ordinary game. It is a powerful and transformational game AND yet one that is also fun to play. Sound interesting? You may be asking: how the heck can a game do such a thing? The game is structured so that just by playing it you get the critical feedback you need to make key adjustments in all aspects of your life.

You will soon see that honest, incisive and relevant feedback and adjustments are the keys to everything. How is this possible? When you get feedback on how your actions are out of alignment with what's important to you and you learn simple adjustments that will make a difference, you're empowered to create small but significant shifts. 

Please see my blog post entitled the The Magic of The 3 Degree Shift to understand how this works. Over time, your small shifts add up to significant changes. You're able to restore balance, clarify priorities, pursue goals and set boundaries with the important people in your life. The name of this game is The Promise Game™. The attached introductory video will walk you through the basics on how it works. 

So what kinds of situations can The Promise Game™ address? Here's one common example. You're trying to juggle the demands of a new business, home and family responsibilities but you feel that you never have enough time for everything. You're burned out trying to be super woman and take care of everyone and you never have time for YOU. Sound familiar? This seems to be the epidemic of our time.

In the Promise Game™, you will get clear on what you feel, what you need, what's really important and learn to communicate so you actually receive others' support. Imagine that! You learn to set limits, adjust others' expectations and make sure you have time for you. You also learn how to get past the internal messages of shoulds, supposed tos and move past any feelings of guilt that arise when making sure your own wants and needs are met. Sounds pretty cool, right?

How Can I Learn More about The Promise Game™ and Start To Play?
At Life Crafting, we believe that each situation is different. For this reason, we encourage you to schedule a complimentary Strategy Session so we can get to know you and devise a plan that is tailored to your needs. This includes your business AND your personal life since they are intertwined. 

In your Strategy Session, you'll learn how to create an effective support system that increases your business success. You will learn how to gain access to ALL the materials on The Promise Game™, access our online learning community, find a suitable partner and start to play! 

What's the catch? You need to act today because we will only be able to offer this at no cost for a limited time. Click here to schedule.

Please post your comments and questions below. 



Howard Sambol is the creator of the Life Crafting program which guides you to clarify your gifts and passions, then craft an ideal business and make money doing what you love.


  • Howard Sambol
    Howard Sambol Friday, 21 August 2015

    I love what the Promise Game brings up for me.....>>>> FUN! I'm excited to step into this!

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