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The Problem With Business Coaching

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The Problem With Business Coaching
The Problem With Business Coaching
I frequently encounter people who tell me that they have a business coach yet they are not getting the results they’re wanting or expecting. Typically, their investment in business coaching is centered around increasing sales and generating greater income. Can you relate? 

If this has happened for you, you may feel confused, frustrated and may be blaming your coach for not fulfilling his or her promise to you. You may even become so resentful about the money you spent, that you've become skeptical about all programs focused on empowering you to succeed in your business.

If this describes your situation (past or present), I urge you to read this article very carefully because it will likely save you thousands of dollars of wasted money on services that cannot work for you as well as years of frustration regarding your business.

I find it rare for new and even experienced entrepreneurs to have an accurate big picture view of business which makes it near impossible to make a proper assessment of services being offered and whether one is a good fit for you.

More often than not, I find that entrepreneurs are clueless about the many moving parts of a successful business and treat the whole thing in a ridiculously simplistic fashion. Most of the time they seek a quick band-aid solution because they’re financially stressed and need cash flow quickly to pay their bills. This mindset does not bode well for success because operating in survival energy makes it difficult to attract people who will pay for your services.

If this describes you, it is time to press PAUSE and get a solid source of short term income that allows you to cover your basic living expenses and eliminate your anxiety about money. In some instances, you can crank up short-term cash flow in your existing business but you will need to take a real hard look at the workability of this situation and avoid pie-in-the-sky thinking that will work against you!

So let’s say you’ve handled your short-term cash flow reasonably well and you now feel ready to grow your business to where you want it to be. What’s the best place to start and how can you use a program of mentorship, training and coaching effectively? The first and absolutely most critical step is to adopt a big picture view of your business and see it holistically with YOU being an integral part of the equation. 

Adopting a Big Picture View
This involves looking at each component starting with yourself. 
Personal Alignment
Why are you pursuing this business? 
Besides the obvious, (to make money) why this business? 
What does it mean to you? 
Does it allow you to feel fulfilled in some way? 
Is it aligned with your purpose and passion? 
Do you have experience in this area and does it utilize your skills or gifts in some manner? 
Do you have a gut level feeling that this business is optimum for you emotionally, creatively and spiritually? 
It is critical that you be honest with yourself about these questions before proceeding further. We call this the alignment step. Make sure your business idea satisfies all these criteria before proceeding further. 
The next area of assessment needs to focus on the viability of your product or service. You need to ask yourself: 
What is your existing or planned product or service?
Does it fill a real need?
What problem does it solve? 
Does it deliver real value that justifies a good price point like $2000 or higher? If not, you could be spinning your wheels and not making a profit. If and when this happens, you could get very discouraged and lose confidence, then become doubtful about your chances for success and doubtful anyone can help you. I see this phenonenon frequently.

The long and short of it is make sure you have a viable service people want and need. Speak to your potential clients and get their feedback. Work with a few people at low-cost to establish “proof of concept“ so you know you’re not wasting your time. Please note that you can do all things without spending any money on coaching!

There’s a huge trap here that I want to be sure you know about. Many entrepreneurs become so enamored with their product that they never check to see if it is marketable and will be profitable. Just because someone else is doing something and making money does not mean it will work for you. Take the time to clarify the steps before moving forward.

How are you going to market your product or service? Are you planning on winging it and hoping for the best? Is your idea of sales convincing people your product is great for them? If yes to either of these, you're headed for a proverbial train wreck. This is a disaster waiting to happen.

Another possibility is that you are a spiritually oriented and believe that God or Spirit will provide everything you need if you just do your visualizations and affirmations, prayers and practice gratitude, etc. If this describes you, you are seriously deluded and likely headed for a similar train wreck. 
I say this not because these spiritual practices are unimportant, but because they need to be integrated with solid, proven business tools and systems, guidance and inner work in order to achieve the results you want. The greatest tragedy i see are people with a genuine calling or passion who never fulfill their mission because their initial steps are unsuccessful and they become so emotionally broken, they do not trust anyone to help them in the future. Don’t do this to yourself!

The Problem With Business Coaching
Most people who call themselves business or life coaches are oblivious to many of the above distinctions and/or have little to no experience with them. However, since they too are usually hungry for new clients, they will likely sell you on the idea that they can help you make money but will usually ignore the big picture issues. 
Coaches will often ask you to set goals, then challenge you to complete them while ignoring many of the critical big picture aspects of your situation. They often make the critical mistake of assuming that the business you’re in is right for you and never check into your deeper motivations.
Your joint lack of a big picture view combined with the lack of proven systems and templates is a recipe for great dissapointment. In the vast majority of cases, this process becomes little more than an elaborate band-aid which at best, will produce some short-term benefits yet leave you stuck in the same place where you began.

What’s the Solution?
For starters, do NOT hire any business coach. Instead, educate yourself on the nature of business and do your own honest self assessment using the key points mentioned here as a guide.

5 Essential Secrets to Making Money Doing What You Love
To help you get started with your self-assessment and holistic business education, we recommend viewing our video at Take careful notes and score yourself in each of the five areas. This will provide you with a baseline or starting point you can use to create a roadmap and plan.

If, after completing these steps, you resonate with the ideas in the video and you’re serious about applying the 5 secrets to your life and business, we invite you to schedule a complimentary strategy session with us at

Important: this is NOT for business coaching! It is to help you create your own roadmap and gain clarity and confidence about moving forward.

Our Facebook group can be a great resource for you. Join us at and let’s get acquainted. I look forward to connecting with you and supporting you in making money doing what you LOVE.


Howard Sambol is the creator of the Life Crafting program which guides you to clarify your gifts and passions, then craft an ideal business and make money doing what you love.


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