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Regardless whether you're a salaried employee in a corporate job, a full blown entrepreneur pursuing your own life vision or something in-between, success in today's world requires that you have a clearly defined market niche.

What does it Mean To Have A Market Niche And Why Is It So Important?
Your market niche provides a way to identify the chief problem you solve and the unique solution you offer. It
 allows people and companies to recognize your desirability and suitability for their needs. Every purchase of a product or service and every hire is based on a decision of whether you are the one best able to solve the problem at hand.

In the case of an independent entrepreneur, having a niche allows you to clearly identify your target market and communicate with them effectively. All effective marketing hinges on this single ability. Without it, promotions and marketing efforts will usually not reach the people who need and want what you have to offer. This causes wasted time, effort and money.

In the case of a salaried employee, a clearly defined market niche allows prospective employers to see you very differently than just another "qualified" person with a resume, skills, experience and education.

In today's marketplace, being qualified is no longer enough because there are usually dozens of qualified candidates for each position. The more desirable the position, the more candidates are applying for it which places a greater demand on the job seeker to position himself effectively.

Imagine for a moment being a hiring manager. Would you hire someone who is just qualified or someone who is keenly aware and focused on the needs and problems of your company and uniquely able and motivated to solve them? The answer is obvious.

The chief problem is that 99% of employees and job seekers are not trained or oriented towards marketing themselves skillfully and effectively. In fact, they are trained and indoctrinated with the illusion that all they need is to be qualified. This presents an even bigger challenge since the remedy is not only learning a new skillset but also acquiring a new mindset.

Isn't it Better to Maintain a Broad Focus?
One of the biggest misconceptions people have with identifying and creating a market niche, is that there is a counter-intuitive aspect to it. For many people (including myself for many years) it seems that it is better to maintain a broad focus so that more people will know about you and you'll therefore attract more clients. The truth is that it is just the opposite. The broader the focus, the harder it is for the people to find you. Trying to be many things to many people causes you to be nothing to everyone.

The Creative Entrepreneur's Dilemma
There are many entrepreneurs, both beginning and seasoned ones, who still do not have a clear market niche and, as a result, have limited their level of success. They attempt to sell their product or service using it's great features and in this manner miss the boat entirely.

No one cares about the features of your product until they have bought into the benefits. They only care about whether it meets their needs and solves their problem. The trouble is entrepreneurs so often become enamored with their product, they lose sight of this critical fact. A major shift in orientation is needed.

If you're a creative entrepreneur with have a strong desire to give to others such as a healer, coach, health practitioner, etc. you may have an additional challenge which is to separate your strong desire to share your gifts from the marketing message that will effectively magnetize prospective clients to you. These are two completely different animals and it usually takes work separating them because of your strong yearning to heal, teach, motivate, inspire using the knowledge and other talents you possess.

What's the solution? In my experience, it's usally necessary to clarify one's "inner niche" from the "outer niche" which means separate what you're longing to give to the world from the effective market specific language that will allow people to see you as a match for them. 

How Can You Resolve These Challenges and Identify Your Optimum Market Niche?
Two things are required. First, tools and resources and second, skilled coaching. Both are essential. Since Identifying your optimum market niche is the most critical puzzle piece in your long term professional success strategy, it is worth every minute and penny of your investment.

Special Offer
For a limited time, we're offering our Life Crafting Strategy Session at no cost. The only requirement is that you're motivated to pursue a relationship with us and invest in yourself. If this describes you, I invite you to complete the form here. I'm excited about working with you and devising an optimum plan for you to move forward.

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Perhaps you are here because you have an intuitive hit that Life Crafting is different from mainstream approaches but not sure exactly HOW. Here are the most important differences:

Life Crafting uses a holistic, integrative model. It is BEING focused rather than JOB focused. Life Crafting empowers you to get connected to your creativity, passion, life purpose, and greatest gifts, then apply 21st century marketing strategies to achieve your goals and life vision.

Holistic means that all aspects of you are honored and valued. We do not seek to find an occupational category, box for you but discover together your unique expression in the world that is both financially rewarding and personally satisfying. 

We separate your short term financial needs (which we call Taxi Job) from your long term goals and dreams (which we call your Career Playground). This allows us to deal with the priorities and eliminate the confusion and conflict arising when this distinction is not made.

We do not see your career as simply a place to "earn a living" but rather an opportunity for deep personal fulfillment, creativity and contributing your greatest gifts to the world.

Life Crafting is both a program and a system that can be applied to a 17 year old high school student wanting to design their future AND a person in their 60's wanting to experience fulfillment in their retirement years.

If you'd like to get a deeper sense of what we're about, I recommend listening to my radio interview "The Awesome Power of Living Your Life Purpose" accessible at

Would you like to learn more about how Life Crafting could be valuable for you? 

Getting started is as easy as completing a short form for our Complimentary Life Crafting Strategy Session. This session will allow you to view your present situation from a new expanded perspective and develop a solid plan for moving forward.

However, it is important to act now. This is only going to be available at no cost for a limited time. Click here to take advantage of this special opportunity.

All questions and comments are welcome and appreciated.

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The Nature of Breakthroughs

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What does it mean to experience a Breakthrough? We're going to consider a breakthrough to be one or more of the following:

A significant shift in perspective and life experience; a leap forward in skill or mastery; an expanded ability to create your desired results; increased cash flow or profit 

Now write down a desired breakthrough you're wanting now. It can be in any area of your life, more income, more love, more balance and peace, better health and vitality, etc. I encourage you to be outrageous and bold.

The first thing you're likely to notice is that from the vantagepoint of where you're standing now, your desired result may seem very difficult or even unattainable. Am I right? Can a caterpillar imagine being a butterfly? Of course not!

So, trying to get from where you are to where you want to be is not going to be achieved by being reasonable or logical. On an emotional level, your result will likely feel beyond your grasp especially if you're feeling stressed now. So how do you make this breakthrough happen? The steps below will give you a roadmap but you'll need to follow them diligently. We're here to help if you'd like.

Step 1: Write down the "reasons" it cannot or will not happen. Some examples might be, it takes too much time, I'm not smart enough, I lack confidence, etc. Every one of your reasons is simply a belief even though you may have strong feelings connected to them which make them feel VERY real.

Step 2: Allow yourself some time to FEEL whatever feelings are connected with each of your reasons and also feel the overall impossibility of what you want. Whether you realize this or not, your willingness to FEEL these feelings (at a body level) moves you forward to your desired breakthrough and...contrary to popular belief this will not get in the way of you reaching your goal.

Step 3: Start imagining the result you desire. Allow yourself to SEE and FEEL your result as already done to whatever degree you can. Before anything can exist in your physical reality, the possibility and the desire for it needs to exist inside of you. Once this happens, even if only as a small seedling, it can grow and get bigger, more real, more achievable and with more energy and power.

Step 4: Once the energy has grown sufficiently, the magic begins to happen. Some call it the law of attraction. The name doesn't matter. You will notice creative ideas start to emerge, people who might be resources come to mind, chance meetings happen and you start to think of google searches you can do to locate what you're seeking. Bit by bit, the outcome and breakthrough becomes more real and along with this, unexpected insights show up. Sometimes the very thing you've been seeking even falls into your lap. 

Step 5: While going through these steps, it is important for you to maintain a patient, confident and unattached attitude. If you are preoccupied with the result and allow yourself to get frustrated because it is not happening fast enough, this will slow the process down. It is better to just assume it is done and go about your daily activities and allow the universe to do its magic.

Step 6: The last and most important step is to get support. Surround yourself with people who validate you and your desired breakthrough and support you in taking whatever action steps are needed to move you forward. At Life Crafting, we're eager to support you and we have a wide range of tools and resources that will accelerate your breakthrough significantly.

The starting point is the Life Crafting Strategy Session. For a limited time, we're offering it at no cost providing you're sincere about moving forward in your life. This session is a powerful 1-1 phone session that will rock your world in many ways. Click here to learn more and schedule your session. Do it today!



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You've Been in Sales Since The Day You Were Born

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I often encounter people who claim to not be good or comfortable with sales. This reveals a lack of awareness of how virtually all your interactions are sales conversations often in disguise. Do you believe that sales is intentionally trying to convince someone to buy something?

What if... this was completely false and actually a viewpoint very detrimental to your overall success regardless of the field or industry you're in. The truth is that you've actually been in Sales since the day you were born!

How could that be, you ask? Well on the day you were born you successfully sold the idea to everyone around you that you were cute, lovable and adorable. You accomplished this without any language or cognitive ability and with no awareness that you were 'doing' anything. 

As you grew and developed, you learned other "sales techniques" that were also quite natural, instinctual and unconscious. For example, you learned that crying got you attention and other behaviors generated other desirable responses from those around you. 

Bit by bit your sales skills increased but at no point did you ever believe that you were 'in sales'. Isn't this fascinating? 

The bottom line is that you're always selling something. The only question is whether you know what it is, who is buying it and whether it is profitable. 

What would be the consequences of knowing all of these things and being masterful with this process? What impact would this have on your overall success? What if.. your effectiveness in sales conversations had nothing to do with money?

By making all this deliberate, every relationship you have or will ever have, becomes profoundly transformed. Most significantly, your ability to make money in any job, business, industry or human activity becomes elevated to an extraordinary level quickly. 

Sales becomes easy and fun with the added bonus of knowing in your heart that you're sharing your greatest gifts and truly serving others regardless whether they 'buy' anything from you or not.

Is it difficult to make this shift? No! It is remarkably easy and mostly involves recognizing the gifts you already have.  If you'd like to learn how this applies to your business, I invite you to schedule your Life Crafting Strategy Session available at no cost for a limited time. Click here to learn more and schedule.

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The graphic below captures the true aim and mission of Life Crafting. It provides us with a visual framework for converging our passions, our gifts, the marketplace reality and the needs of our world.

This is the journey to a life of fulfillment. Life Crafting provides the toolkit and coaching. You provide the desire. Together we create the magic. We call it Evolutionary Purpose. 

If this resonates with you and you'd like to create this kind of life for yourself, I invite you to schedule a Complimentary Strategy Session. The value of this session is $295 but it is available for a limited time at no cost.



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