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The True Nature of Coaching: Part 2

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In this Part 2 segment, I’m going to share some more super powerful benefits of coaching. 

Passion, Purpose and Commitment
A skilled coach is able to help you clarify your purpose, passion and commitments in unique and powerful ways. When you're able to identify what you truly want, you become on fire and you’re able to accomplish extraordinary things. 

From this place, motivation is sustainable because it comes from within. You're heart is in it all the way. When was the last time if ever you felt this way about your life or business?

A skilled coach can elicit your vision of the future and guide you to create this vision as real for yourself now. When you get in touch with your vision, you ignite your greatest creative power.

The more emotionally connected you are with your vision, the more you attract the people, situations and opportunities allowing your vision to be realized.

Marketing and Sales Success
The foundation to all your success in the world is communication. A skilled coach will empower you to expand your relationship building skills and create the key alliances that will make the critical difference for you. A coach will help you to increase your sales results and reach your financial goals directly impacting your quality of life!

Getting Out Of Your Comfort Zone
Skilled coaches instinctively know how to empower you beyond your comfort zone where you tend to play it safe. You learn to challenge yourself and venture into new territories which allows unexpected opportunities to emerge. You see a more expansive landscape beyond what you can see on your own.

Shifting Your Beliefs
The most significant aspect of your reality map is your beliefs. Over time, the experiences arising from these beliefs reinforces them.You soon forget that you have the belief yet it continues to operate behind the scenes defining and limiting the life experiences you can have.

A skilled coach trained in the BeliefCloset method will help you identify the beliefs holding you back and transform them. This BeliefCloset method is accessible to all our Life Crafting Clients. 

Okay, Coaching is a Good Thing, Now What?
By now, you have hopefully gotten the idea that having a coach is a good thing especially if you want to achieve some important goals or life vision.

How Can You Get Started?
To get all the many benefits of a coaching relationship I mentioned and many more, your most important first step is our complimentary Strategy Session. All the details and signup are at

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The True Nature of Coaching: Part 1

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Most people these days are familiar with coaching in one context or another. At the very least, you're familiar with coaching in sports.

If you've been in business or professional circles, you've also probably heard of life, career or business coaching, but what is coaching, really? There are many common misconceptions. Below are some of them.




Some people believe that coaching is:

  • giving advice on how to do something better
  • a motivational speech or pep talk to an individual or a team so they can win the championship
  • a form of hand holding for when someone is going through a time of distress or challenge, i.e. a way to boost someone up after life has beaten them down
  • another name for counseling or therapy in which the client is guided to express their feelings about the past and thereby resolve the blocks and issues in their life.

The truth is that these things have little to do with what coaching is about. Over the years, I've learned that few people really understand what coaching is about and this even includes people who use the term quite a bit. My aim here is to clarify the true nature, depth and power of the coaching relationship. 

If you've ever spoken to someone whose life has changed from utilizing a coach, you have some idea what I'm speaking about.

Here's the bottom line: If you want to create an extraordinary life and achieve your full potential, utilizing a skilled coach is a virtual necessity. You will soon discover is that coaching is far more accessible and affordable than you might have believed.

Before we can capture the essence of coaching, we need to introduce and define the term empowerment. What does it mean to empower someone? Unfortunately, you will not get very far looking up this word in dictionary because dictionary definitions of this term tend to be about 200 years out of date. Here's our working definition.

To Empower is to spark or ignite (as a catalyst) a person's own power so they can be, do or have whatever they want in their life. Empowerment has the effect of naturally activating a person's already existing resourcefulness, creativity, skill and confidence.

Empowerment is very different from helping, saving or rescuing. In a relationship of empowerment, the guide or coach is acting as a catalyst, a partner in discovery, a compassionate, non judgemental friend and a committed listener able to reflect your promises, commitments, values, standards, ideals, beliefs and life vision. They guide you to make the shifts you want to make.

Empowering relationships can be simple and innocent. They can also be substantive and deep. They are characterized by a foundation of caring, respect and unconditional positive regard.

Please take a moment to reflect on a past or present relationship with this quality. Maybe it was the positive influence of a good friend or teacher. The relationship may have felt special, even pivotal yet it may have seemed to be the result of coincidence. What if... you could create empowering relationships intentionally?

Its possible that the idea of a relationship based on empowerment may be new and will take some to learn and practice. That's okay. The important thing to know is that these skills can be learned and the benefits are very far reaching. In fact, once you have had a taste of what this is like, it is unlikely you'll settle for anything less in the future.

What is Coaching?
Coaching is a dynamic and empowering relationship in which the coach empowers the client to win at whatever games in life they are playing.

I am deliberately using the game metaphor here to make a point. We often have a tendency to get serious about the things that are important to us and in so doing we get a bit heavy. Part of good coaching is helping you lighten up, take things less seriously, and have more fun. As a result, you accomplish more too.

What do I mean by winning? Is there a competition? No! Im using the word winning here to simply represent getting the result or outcome you want. Coaching is result focused. There's a process of growth, but the emphasis is on outcomes.

The desired outcome will vary greatly. For some, it is success with a job, career or business. For others, the focus might be on relationships, family or health or it could also involve changes in emotional patterns, beliefs or spiritual dimensions of life. Coaching can encompass any area and is limited only by what you believe it can be.

How Will Having a Coach be Beneficial?
There are many ways in which a skilled coach can have a profound impact on your life. In part 2 of this blog series, I will share some of the major areas in which coaching relationships have extraordinary impact. By relating these to what is presently happening now, you'll get some clues as to how a coach will be valuable at this time.

Stay tuned and please share!

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The Power of Your Words

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Are you an entrepreneur communicating about your product based on your own beliefs and impressions of what will reach your target market?

One of the most costly mistakes many entrepreneurs make is using language that seems reasonable to them but which doesn't create the impact they want.

This often happens because business owners become so enamored with their services, talents and gifts that they wind up paying little attention to how it is landing with their target audience.

The message here is simple: Do NOT underestimate the power of your words! In this emotionally stirring video, you will get a strong dose of this lesson. Please share.


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Is Your Chain Breaking?

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Most everyone knows that a chain is only as strong as the weakest link. Yet, most of the time we don't bother reflecting how and why our "chain" (method, system, approach) for doing something is breaking down, i.e. just not working. 

When this occurs and you aren't able to pinpoint the weak links (problem areas), do you simply repeat the same pattern and continue to get the same result?

Do you find yourself becoming increasingly frustrated, demoralized to the point where you lose your motivation and sometimes even give up?

Do you assume that because you haven't been able to resolve your situation, that the best you can do is accept it and become resigned to a diminished outcome and quality of life?

Have you may created a convincing argument for why this reduced outcome is the best that can be achieved (under the circumstances) despite the fact that you've never really opened yourself to an alternate ideas and solutions?

In my experience over many decades, I found that most people prefer to conclude change is not possible rather than opening themselves up to a deeper inquiry and to receiving support to resolve their issue.

Is there some area of your life right now that isn't progressing the way you'd like despite a huge effort and commitment on your part?

What if..

  • Your situation or challenge can be resolved by clarifying exactly where the breakdown is happening and identifying a solution or remedy. 
  • There are others with a different perspective for whom your "problem" is easily solvable?

As an example a man came to be with a case of severe stage fright that he lived with for many years. It prevented him from playing his guitar with groups of people. We were able to resolve his issue in less than 30 minutes using a simple method.

If you're the type of person who insists on solving everything by yourself, you may never discover and that you can have what you want by just changing one item or adding one missing puzzle piece. I call this insistence on solving every problem by yourself, The "Lone Ranger Syndrome". I view this as the most severe form of self-sabotage possible.

In most instances it comes down to a "need to be right." What would you prefer be right about? That your problem is unsolvable or that a different approach can work better? Whatever you believe will become your truth, so it is your choice what you want to be right about.

In Life Crafting, we utilize a powerful collaborative model for co-creation and problem solving which allows breakthroughs to happen frequently and easily.

What breakthrough would you like to have? Would you like to make money doing what you love? Do you believe it is possible? Are you willing to give up being right that it is not possible for you? Are you willing to commit to finding a real solution?

If yes, we're here to help. The Life Crafting Strategy Session is an ideal resource for gaining insights on your situation. You will walk away with new strategies to apply. There is no cost for the session as long as you're sincere and open to a possible relationship. 

Isn't it time for you to eliminate the weak links in your chain and get what you really want?


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The Role and Importance of Imagination in Your Life

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Most people discount the role and importance of imagination in their life. If you're an artist, designer or musician, you likely know this role because you live with it and use it consciously on a daily basis. If not you may be completely oblivious to it.

Imagination is in fact is the most important human skill underlying every creation from the most mundane to the most extraordinary.  It is one of the most vital resources regardless of the situation you are in. 

What Makes Imagination So Important and Powerful?
Before something can exist in the physical universe, it must exist in your consciousness as a possibility. You can think of the possibility as a space or clearing in which something can be created.

One example is building a house. It cannot be built on cluttered land. The land must be cleared and flat before construction can begin. Right?

Growing Crops is another example. The soil is prepared, the seeds planted then the rain and sunlight do their magic. This a process of cultivation or creating space for the plants or crops to grow through the power of nature.

Did it ever occur to you that the same power of nature exists in YOU? Yes, it does! How do you prepare your soil and plant your seeds for what you want to grow?

The resource in you for doing this is imagination which is your innate ability to see something new you desire coming into existence.

Once visualized, you can then begin to feel what it will be like when this desire is realized. The clearer your image and the stronger your feelings, the greater the forces are that are set into motion to make it real. Imagination is your starting point.

Imagination is More Important than Knowledge
One of the most well known quotes of Albert Einstein is: "Imagination is more important than knowledge." Why would a man whose achievements were so based on knowledge and advanced skills, say this?

Because he had an intimate awareness of the process of creation. Beyond Mathematics and Physics, he had an intutiive knowing of how the universe works and he wanted you and I to know this too so we could apply it to our most important and cherished goals and dreams.

In Life Crafting, we guide you to discover and experience the awesome power you have within you to create your reality. It begins with you gaining full access to the power of your imagination greater than you ever have before.

Would you like to get a glimpse of what this is like? You can do this in your Life Crafting Strategy Session. It is complimentary for you if you're sincere about making money doing what you love.

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