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The longer you live, the more you will hopefully realize that your relationships are your most precious resource. Most of the time, people treat their relationships like a throw away can of beer. They're unaware of the actions and patterns that damage their relationships, often beyond repair and they're equally oblivious to the readily available resources that will nurture and support their relationships allowing them to thrive. The saddest part of this is that it often impacts the most important relationships in your life and the people you love most deeply.

My aim here is to awaken you to one of the most damaging patterns in all relationships. I'm going to focus on the devastating effect of communication withholds and what to do about them. A withhold is something that needs to be expressed but is not communicated. It is withheld. There are countless "reasons" why people don't communicate what's going on for them but regardless of the specifics, the underlying issue is fear.

Communicating your truth, especially your feelings, can be scary. A typical thought process might be: What if... she becomes angry at me? What if... he rejects me and leaves me? What if... my boss gets angry and fires me. The list of reasons for not communicating or sharing your experiences—thoughts and feelings, are numerous.

Most of the time it feels much safer to let things slide by and not "rock the boat". You might rationalize the situation, saying to yourself something like, "it's not that big a deal". While one single instance may not be a big deal, the continued pattern of withholding over time can build up and indeed become a very big deal.

The most important awareness to gain about withholds is how damaging they are even when they seem insignificant. When you don't communicate your truth with someone important to you, the consequence almost always will be some form of "distancing" with that person.

Let's say you borrow money from someone and you're unable to pay them back when you had planned to to so. You're embarrased and now dreading telling them about your circumstances. You're even more scared about them asking you about it and having to tell them you don't have the money. 

So what's the most natural consequence of this situation? There's a good possibility you'll start to avoid this person. You might not call them or see them with the same level of frequency you usually do or you might steer your conversation away from finances. In short, you will likely "tiptoe around the tulips" and not realize the "price" you're paying for not telling the truth and resolving the matter openly. Sometimes the resolution of the issue can be simple and relatively painless yet the inclination to withhold is still often very strong.

Not realizing the downside of withholding, you will tend to continue the withholding pattern even to the point of damaging the trust level with the person. The most obvious and extreme case of communication withholding is marital infidelity. The reason is pretty obvious: there is so much at stake. Yet, when the truth does come out in the open, what does the person on the other side usually say? Something like "what hurts me the most (beyond your unfaithfulness) was your continued hiding the truth from me". 

It definitely takes courage to tell the truth about sensitive matters. There are two keys to harnessing the inner strength and courage to express your truth and feelings. One is being clear about the downside of withholding it AND the second is learning HOW withholds can be communicated in a safe, effective and mutually empowering manner. 

Fortunately, a method exists for communicating withholds that does all this and more. What makes this method so powerful is the "safe container" it provides for your communication. I can virtually guarantee that using this method will clear the air and bring you and the other person much closer together. It will make it much easier to resolve even long standing issues and help the two of you to resolve differences and different approaches or viewpoints.

So how can you get your hands on this powerful Withhold Exercise? Glad you asked! It is available to all our registered Life Crafting Clients. If you're not yet registered, you can create a free account here and download the Withhold Exercise from our document library right after registering.

Once you start using it, you may have questions and if you do you you can get them answered in our Website Discussion Forum Withhold Exercise Discussion.

I look forward to assisting you in transforming all your relationships! Please post your comments below.


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For so many people, planned projects or important life changes never see the light of day. They don't happen. Why? There are many explanations and theores but for now, I just want to share one powerful discovery that I'm confident will make a difference for you.

In my many years of experience in my personal and professional life, I've discovered one overarching principle and piece of wisdom which I place above everything else. It is this:

Getting Started is Everything 

No matter what it is you want to do or accomplish, there is an undeniable magic to just getting started. Even just 5 minutes devoted to the beginnings of a new project, no matter how large or intimidating it may be, often creates such a significant shift of energy, that even the greatest amount of resistance, doubt, fear or confusion will often dissolve from taking this single action.

Maybe you have already experienced this and if you have, you know what I'm speaking about. Have you considered that you can apply this resource to your life right now and use it to create a significant breakthrough? You can! What do you want most now?

Perhaps you have seen the famous quote:

Whatever you can do, or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it.

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe


As complicated as our lives seem to be in some respects, this principle continues to remain at the top of my list of breakthrough strategies. I offer it as my gift to you.

One thing I hear from people frequently is how they would like to be able to make money doing what they love. So so many business owners are not generating the income they want. Can you relate?

If this describes you, you can change this. It all begins with one step that costs nothing but will empower you to take a giant leap forward. It is our Business Strategy Session. To see all the benefits and schedule your session, click here. This is that one magical getting started step that will set you on a new course.

Once you schedule your session, I will send you a link to my presentation “3 Secrets to Generating $10K per month in your service based business”.

As always, I welcome comments and questions. 


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Turning Challenges into Opportunities

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In the vast majority of situations, people just try to get through the difficult times in life hoping things will get better. They rarely spend much time contemplating the value or purpose of the "difficult" situation in front of them. Unfortunately, this prevents them from turning their challenge into an opportunity.

My aim here is to awaken a new possibility in you. Every situation and challenge you face in life has an intrinsic purpose which is ultimately to help you grow or expand in some manner. If you take the perspective that you're a spiritual being having a physical experience, then everything lives in that larger context. 

To discover the inherrent opportunity in a challenge you're facing, it is valuable to ask for guidance. This guidance can be your own intuition, gut level feelings or it could also be guidance from Spirit, Angels, etc.

You do not need to change your current religious or spiritual beliefs to access higher wisdom or guidance. When you can ask about the purpose of a situation or what you can learn from it, you transform it in your mind. It gives you a new context and a new way to think about it.

Once you GET why a situation has shown up in your life, and you embrace the learning or growth associated with it, you will often find that the process or forward movement accelerates and the original situation changes. Spirit knows when you're embracing something and it helps you integrate the lesson. 

Conversely, when you resist the lesson and avoid the message, things will often get more difficult or the next lesson may be more extreme or severe. This is why your commitment to your own growth in life is so powerful. It allows you to move through each phase and integrate lessons more easily and quickly.

A core principle or overarching belief associated with this is that you're always loved and guided to become the best version of you possible. Life is about mastery. Knowing what you're here to learn and master makes it much easier because challenges are no longer mysteries for you. You know why they are arising.

This brings us to the subject of Life Purpose. When you're clear on your Life Purpose and you live consistently with it, everything flows more easily. A lot of the daily confusion is eliminated and things tend to click and magic happens in the form of serrendipity and unexpected miracles. In contrast, when you don't have a clear sense of purpose you're like a leaf blowing in the wind.

When you base your career or business on your Life Purpose, you increase your income potential exponentially as well as your capacity for genuine fulfillment. Life becomes joyful and you feel a sense of deep satisfaction from doing what you love and sharing your gifts with others.

Does this seem like something you would like more of in your life? The challenge you're currently dealing with, whatever it is, contains within it a huge opportunity and a part of that opportunity is to clarify and live true to who you are. Our complimentary Strategy Session is the first step on this amazing journey. I suggest you act on this opportunity ASAP because we are only offering this at no cost for a limited time. I look forward to supporting you in creating a life of continuous opportunity.



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How To Fulfill Your Goal or Dream that Seems Unattainable Now

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Do you have a goal or dream for your life? Does your goal or dream feel doable or attainable by simply completing some steps? If yes, all you you need is an action plan and a good support system to help you move forward with it.

However, you may have a goal or dream that you desire greatly but one that seems unrealistic or unachievable from where you are now. When faced with this situation, what do you do? Most people just give up and say something to themselves like, "I just need to be more realistic". 

Without realizing it, this "settling" can prevent you from fulfilling your true calling or destiny. My aim here is to show you how to Fulfill Your Goal or Dream even when it seems unattainable now. The method we'll be using is a stairstep approach that works brilliantly as long as you follow the steps.

Beliefs and Energy
Before we get into the meat of the process, we need to establish a few distinctions about beliefs and energy. Everything in the entire universe is energy. The main difference between one energy and another is the frequency or vibration. Wherever your beliefs are now regarding what is and is not possible for you, it's all contained in your energy field. In simple terms, your field is vibrating at a frequency that is consistent with your beliefs about yourself and your world.

When something feels unrealistic or unattainable to you, this means that your present frequency or vibration is lower than the frequency of your desired goal. You need to increase your frequency to match the frequency of your goal. This needs to happen in stages in order for it to work. At each step of the process, you will be able to envision moving one step closer to your goal or vision. We'll be using a stairstep method which is consistent with that taught by high level coaches and spiritually oriented guides and teachers. 

Your Starting Frequency
We're going to use the analogy of an old fashioned radio dial. Lets say that the frequency of your goal is 104 megahertz (MHz) and that this frequency represents the beliefs associated with your goal. Now say your frequency 
at this moment is 92 MHz. You're unlikely to leap on the dial in one step all the way to 104 but you can raise your frequency to 93 and from that place, raise it again to 93 and then 94, etc. In this manner, you can raise to raise it all the way to 104 in a relatively short time.

To make this more concrete, I'm going to share a real story with you about a Life Crafting client, Deborah, who had a goal of creating a profitable business helping animal owners and guardians resolve challenging issues with their pets. At the beginning of her Life Crafting program, Deborah was very doubtful she could achieve this goal and create a profitable business doing something she loved. Yet, she wanted it so much, she was willing to follow the steps to make it happen.

At that point in time you could say Deborah's goal lived at the frequency of 104 and her present frequency was at 92. She had clarity about what she loved and she had good knowledge about animals that she believed would be valuable to pet lovers but she could not see herself attracting clients who would pay her for her knowledge and skills.

Part of her disbelief was the fact that she had worked all her life in a civil service job and had no experience in business. Deborah believed that it would be a difficult transition for her to make this happen especially since she was an introverted person for whom networking to build a business seemed a monumental task. 

Taking The First Step
We decided that her best first step was to move to a frequency of 93 which we agreed would consist of some simple market research. Deborah would interview 10 pet owners who had challenges with their pet. Maybe the pet had a chronic illness or an injury that required special attention. She would learn what the pet lover really wanted and needed and their inclination towards utilizing a service that would help them. At the conclusion of this step, Deborah began to feel more optimistic because she was able to see the real need that existed and that people were more favorably inclined towards getting assistance than she previously believed. 

Completion of this step energized her and allowed her to see the possibility of reaching a frequency of 94 which we agreed would be forming some alliances with veterinarians and getting their feedback and support for the business that she was planning. Deborah realized that she already had a good relationship with 2 local veterinarians so she reached out to them and was very encouraged with the support they gave her. The idea of being able to work in partnership with veterinarians and get referrals from them really made Deborah feel more positive than before. 

This motivated her to go for a 95 which we agreed was to identify the knowledge and skills she already had and the training and skills she needed to acquire. This would give her greater credibility and confidence. The frequency of 96 involved developing a clear market niche, i.e. her target population and the specific challenges she would be addressing with her clients.

At frequency 97, Deborah developed her package of services that offered so much value, she was able to charge a good fee for her services. This allowed her for the first time to see the possibility of becoming profitable. However, it also brought up a lot of fears for her. How could she charge these fees to her clients? Was she offering good enough value? Wa what she had really worth it?

How would she deal with situations when a person couldn't afford her services but needed them so badly? How could she turn them away? Resolving these issues successfully with the application of belief shifting tools and coaching, took her all the way to a frequency of 98. She could now see and feel a greater possibility of her making it happen.

Deborah's next step was to start scheduling initial free consultations with prospective clients. After scheduling a few and seeing that there were quite a few individuals wanting to speak with her, she was at a frequency of 99.

At this point Deborah was ready to take a really big leap. She was ready to launch her business. When she sold her first package of services, she was so excited she could hardly contain herself and this brought her all the way to a frequency of 102. Now she knew beyond any doubt that she could make this work for herself and gain the satisfaction of serving people with her greatest gifts and feeling the satisfaction of the results she created. 

Deborah's last step in the process was to develop a signature talk she could deliver to groups of animal lovers. We worked together to develop a presentation in her area. She practiced it numerous times to make sure she could deliver it effectively. Deborah really surprised herself when she had 5 people wanting to schedule a free consultation with her at her very first talk. The puzzle pieces had come together and she reached her target frequency of 104. Her beliefs and her existing reality were now congruent and aligned. Deborah was making money doing what she loved.

Takeaways and Taking Action 
What are your takeaways from this story? Are you able to get a glimpse of how you could follow this same process and get this kind of result in your life? Now you know that any doubts you have are simply the disparity in frequency between where you are now and where you want to be. If you're not clear what kind of business you would launch, that's perfect! Why? Because it allows you to craft a business in total alignment with your purpose, passion and gifts. We call this your Genius Zone. When you operate in this zone, you become truly invincible.

Where do you start? Your first step is our Business Launch Strategy Session which is complimentary for anyone sincere about your own growth and serious about crafting your life to be extraordinary. Please post comments below and I will answer as soon as I'm able.



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How To Craft Your ideal Business

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You finally reached the point in your life where you're ready to do your own thing, i.e. to start your own business, be your own boss and pursue your dream of financial freedom. The key question is: how do you know what business is right for you?
Unfortunately, most people's strategy for choosing or creating a business is seriously flawed which is why so many businesses fail to make much money and usually don't fulfill the original idea or expectation. When a business does make money, it rarely provides the entrepreneur with the level of freedom and real satisfaction they wanted. 
After years of study, research and coaching experience, we now know where the major breakdowns occur. I'm going to share the big ones with you.
The first breakdown stems from the fact that most people choose a business based on very superficial and incomplete information and a distorted idea of themselves and the marketplace.
They think mostly of making money and give little consideration to much else. If you happen to have some experience in a particular field or industry such as repairing cars, you might say to yourself: why should I work for peanuts when my boss is making a fortune off my efforts. I'll just get my own jobs and make the same money he makes. 
Author Michael Gerber calls this an "entrepreneurial seizure" which highlights the fact that running a successful auto business requires a lot more than being a skilled auto mechanic. 
The second breakdown occurs because people never consider the longer term implications of their decision. They ignore personal considerations such as whether the business is meaningful and satisfying in some way or whether it is simply a source of income. If all the business provides is money, then isn't it mostly like trading one job for another?
We're not taught in school or in our homes growing up how to think about this super important decision and since we see so many people around us starting businesses, it is easy to believe that this process is straightforward. We may even be told by members of our local Chamber of Commerce that they will help us get our business off the ground.
The third breakdown specifically relates to you if you're a self aware, caring and creative person motivated to make a difference in the world. It is very natural to start promoting your services believing that with a good effort and some networking, you'll soon have a steady flow of clients and your practice will become established and profitable. If you've done this, you likely know the myth and flaw in this thinking.
Success in any business endeavor requires an in-depth understanding of marketing and sales which are usually not the strong suit for people passionate about a service based business. Their common perception is "I just need to get the word out" about what I offer and eventually people will be attracted to my services. 
The process of creating a market niche and reaching their target market is typically misunderstood which often results in the newbie business owner spinning their wheels for a long time and not seeing much in the way of results or cash flow. In a similar vein, the importance of creating and applying an orchestrated sales process is unknown to most people. This results in a hit and miss approach to creating sales and oftentimes some dissalusionment with the slow development of a client or customer base.
The fourth breakdown is perhaps most damaging of all which is the belief that you can build a successful and satisfying business without a really effective support system and skilled business coaching. The reality is that there are dozens of important puzzle pieces and it is very easy to miss some of them. Your chain is only as strong as the weakest link and if you don't know where your chain is breaking, you can't fix it. You need a way to create a structure and get feedback consistently along the way. 
Fortunately, there is a solution to ALL of these breakdowns and a system for ensuring that you're pursuing an optimum business for you. It starts with our complimentary Launch Your Own Business Strategy Session. This session will allow you to look at your current situation from a larger perspective and devise a plan that is totally unique to your needs. 
Your questions and challenges will be fully addressed and you will leave your session empowered to take action. We'll be able to see if working together is a good fit for you. To schedule your strategy session, click here. I look forward to supporting you with your optimum business launch!


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