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What Is Your Genius Zone?

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According to Albert Einstein, everybody is a genius. In the attached quote, he also says that if you judge a fish by it's ability to climb a tree, it will spend it's whole life believing that it is stupid.

The greatest value in this this powerful quote lies in the realization that YOU have a Genius Zone. Does this contradict what you've believed about yourself? There is some area in which your gifts shine forth and where your abilities can be applied to achieve impact and generate significant income. Do you want to know where your Genius Zone lives and what it is? Can you imagine the extraordinary implications of knowing it and feeling it for real? Life changing for sure.

Most people don't have a clue what their Genius Zone is and... rather than find it, they spend most of their time beating themselves up for what they cannot do, just like the fish and living a life of mediocrity. While this is pretty close to insanity, it is an ingrained habit for many. What about you?

If you know your life purpose and you're already making money doing what you love, there's a good chance you know your Genius Zone or are living in it. If you do not fall in this category, there is no better time than now to start this journey and get into alignment with your Genius and true calling.

Do you think it's an accident or coincidence that people's passion, once discovered, is always closely aligned with their Genius? It is not. God put you on this earth to fulfill a mission based on your Genius Zone so when you meander around and devote your time to just getting by, you are dishonoring that mission. You may not care about your own success or quality of life but what about all those people who are waiting for you to get it together so you can help them? You probably didn't think of it that way, did you?

So how difficult is it to discover your Genius Zone? It is actually the greatest adventure of your life to discover and live your purpose and in your Genius Zone. It is also immensely profitable because when you access your Genius Zone you maximize the opportunity to contribute and deliver value. This in turn significantly increases the price you can charge for your services. While this is obvious to some, many don't connect the dots. Are you beginning to get it?

Where can you start and how much does it cost? You start by scheduling your Complimentary Strategy Session. The cost is zero and the time is NOW. If you don't act when this is in front of your nose, there's a very good chance you won't do it ever. So a reasonable question is: what is the price you're paying for not Living in Your Genius Zone? Is there really a better time, when you're more ready? NO! This an illusion.

Lastly, find someone who is on the other side of the fence, someone living their mission every day. Ask them what it's like. Our Life Crafting community is brimming with people like this and as you might guess, they are eager to share it with you. I appreciate your receiving these ideas. Please post your comments and questions.


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If you look closely and honestly, you'll see that all human beings have some mechanism for self sabotage, that is to say a way in which they get in their own way or stop themselves from getting what they truly want.

It may be something like a limiting belief that says "I can't achieve my life goal and be happy". This will cause you to push away opportunities when they show up. Most of the time, it's pretty easy to prevent yourself from winning. At other times your self-sabotage may be more complex, subtle or hidden.

Regardless, if you don't gain awareness of your own self-sabotaging patterns, it's likely that they will continue to derail you. Your patterns can cause years of frustration, despair and a life far less fulfilling than it could be. This is a high stakes game!

My own personal self reflection and growth process has allowed me to identify my own self-defeating patterns and shift many of them using a variety of powerful inner map tools. Yet, it's an ongoing process that never ends. The path for the awakened person requires a commitment and diligence.

A reasonable question might be "why do people limit themselves in this way"? The simple answer is that we each have a subconscious part of us that perceives change, regardless of the form and beneficial, to be unsafe and dangerous. This part will do whatever it can to insure that you stay the same and in this way remain safe from the perceived physical or emotional danger.

Since the pursuit of your life goals, business mission or creative expression involves change, they all qualify as something needing to be avoided. For convenience, we will use the word resistance to represent the many manifestations of your subconscious saboteur.

Some common examples of resistance are procrastination, avoidance, nervousness or anxiety, fear of expressing your true feelings, excuses for not completing important actions, etc. One most significant example of resistance is the fear of making a commitment to a personal development program even when you know in your gut, that it's the perfect next step for you.

This situation will often generate the greatest resistance because your subconscious knows that this will bring about the greatest change. Some typical internal messages you may hear are: It's not a good time for me, I'm not ready, I can't afford it, I'm too busy, I'll be dissapointed again, my husband/wife won't approve.

Even when you consciously know that the perception of danger is a distortion or flat out wrong, your subconscious will still operate as if the change is life threatening. If you reflect on your own present life experience. you'll be able to identify how resistance is showing up for you now.

The fact that you're reading this suggests that there is something of value for you here if you're willing to reflect honestly on it. It does take courage to look at yourself in this way but the rewards of doing so are HUGE. If you're unsure where your resistance may be operating for you now, dig deeper and ask someone close to you for their feedback. 

Over the past 2 decades, I've encountered many people who had the most amazing opportunities basically handed to them on a silver platter yet they refused to accept them. They had their reasons or story of course but in the final analysis it boiled down to one thing—their unwillingness to win. Resistance triumphed and they lost out big time.

Getting what you want will generally require you to be uncomfortable for a time. Is it worth it? Staying where you are has the advantage of being familiar, more comfortable and... the price you pay for this comfort is being utterly miserable and unfulfilled. Which do you prefer? 

Can a person be comfortable in their misery and unhappiness? Can they be content with their own poverty or limited financial success? Can they be completely accepting of devastating loneliness and unfulfilled desires? YES, Yes and Yes! I suggest that you not try to make sense of this rationally because you will not get very far. It will not add up no matter how hard you try to explain it.

Human beings are not rational or logical in any way, shape or form. Even the most exacting scientific mind will make personal choices that defy all common sense considerations. Transformation, no matter how ultimately beneficial, is scary, disruptive, unsettling but it will empower you to BE who you were meant to be.

So what's the message here? If you have important goals in your life (personal or professional) and you want to have a life really worth living, it is imperative that you get to know yourself and your self-sabotaging patters intimately and that you utilize a skilled coach to assist you in cracking the code on your self-limiting patterns.

It will most likely take a while and you will need to do inner work, but the reward will be an extraordinary and rich life of love, financial success and true fulfillment. 

Sounds good, right? Are you willing to do the "work" to get it? If yes, I have 3 simple steps to help you get started. Ready? Here goes:

Step 1: Schedule a Life Crafting complimentary Strategy Session. This strategy session will allow you to take a step back from your life and business and see what you really want. You'll learn about a powerful business model that will allow you to experience both the financial success and fulfillment you desire and you'll know how to move beyond any obstacles to having what you want. To schedule your session, click here.

Step 2: Write down what you most want in your life right now. Be honest with yourself. Ask yourself what would having this really give you? Repeat this a few times until you come down to your real core desire and outcome.

Next, write down all the ways you've been stopping yourself from having it. Again, a fierce honesty will be critical. Lastly, share what you've written with someone you trust and who will support you and not judge you. If you don't feel like you have someone in your life that satisfies these criteria, its time for you to start creating these kinds of relationships!

Step 3: Get yourself a copy of The War of Art. When it arrives, read it and keep it handy so you can easily reference it. BTW, this is not a typo. This is really the title of the book, very different from old classic, The Art of War.

The combination of the strategy session, exercise and book will set you on a powerful path of growth and success. I welcome your questions and comments.

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The Magic of The 3 Degree Shift

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Imagine that you're in an airplane flying over the city of Atlanta and that your compass heading is set to take you to San Francisco. Now you make a 3 degree shift in your compass heading. This changes your destination to Los Angeles which is over 1000 miles from where you were headed before.

What does this little story tell you about making shifts in your life now? It demonstrates the incredible power of making a small, seemingly insignificant shift in your direction. You will soon see that this idea is critical to understand if you're pursuing an important life goal or vision.

Let's apply the 3 degree shift to something concrete. Suppose you have a goal that is important to you but your current path is not taking you closer to your goal. You feel discouraged because you cannot see realistically HOW you can get to your destination from where you're standing. For example, you might be in an entry level job earning a low salary while your future life vision is to have your own business doing something radically different from what you're doing now.

This is where the 3 degree shift reveals its magic. Ask yourself: what small shift can I make now, perhaps with the help of some supportive people in my life, that will get me moving towards my desired destination? If you can't think of what this could be, ask some of your friends. Chances are good that they will be able to see some things you're not seeing.

With the help of some interaction or coaching, you'll be able to identify and create a small shift of only 3 degrees in your course heading. Now project yourself forward on your new compass heading. Notice how this simple shift is pointing you much more in your desired direction. What do you see that's different? Chances are good that you now see a bigger possibility for the future, an easier path ahead and an increased confidence in moving to where you want to be. 

So now you may be saying to yourself "okay, I get the 3 degree shift idea but where am I going to find a skilled coach or someone able to guide me on making this shift? Great question! I have some good news for you! This is exactly the kind of thing that happens in our Complimentary Strategy Session.

In the Strategy Session, you'll gain clarity on where you're presently headed, where you actually want to be and from this we create the shift. Part of it will be strategic, part practical and a part perceptual, emotional, maybe all of the above. The Strategy Session has a value of $495 but we're offering it for a limited time to a select group of people who are motivated to create shifts for themselves.

What excites me most about the 3 degree shift is that once you've experienced it, you can create another one pretty easily and then another. I'm sure you can extrapolate the implications of carrying this further. How do you schedule your Strategy Session? Just click here, complete the form and you're in! I appreciate you posting comments and questions. 



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The longer you live, the more you will hopefully realize that your relationships are your most precious resource. Most of the time, people treat their relationships like a throw away can of beer. They're unaware of the actions and patterns that damage their relationships, often beyond repair and they're equally oblivious to the readily available resources that will nurture and support their relationships allowing them to thrive. The saddest part of this is that it often impacts the most important relationships in your life and the people you love most deeply.

My aim here is to awaken you to one of the most damaging patterns in all relationships. I'm going to focus on the devastating effect of communication withholds and what to do about them. A withhold is something that needs to be expressed but is not communicated. It is withheld. There are countless "reasons" why people don't communicate what's going on for them but regardless of the specifics, the underlying issue is fear.

Communicating your truth, especially your feelings, can be scary. A typical thought process might be: What if... she becomes angry at me? What if... he rejects me and leaves me? What if... my boss gets angry and fires me. The list of reasons for not communicating or sharing your experiences—thoughts and feelings, are numerous.

Most of the time it feels much safer to let things slide by and not "rock the boat". You might rationalize the situation, saying to yourself something like, "it's not that big a deal". While one single instance may not be a big deal, the continued pattern of withholding over time can build up and indeed become a very big deal.

The most important awareness to gain about withholds is how damaging they are even when they seem insignificant. When you don't communicate your truth with someone important to you, the consequence almost always will be some form of "distancing" with that person.

Let's say you borrow money from someone and you're unable to pay them back when you had planned to to so. You're embarrased and now dreading telling them about your circumstances. You're even more scared about them asking you about it and having to tell them you don't have the money. 

So what's the most natural consequence of this situation? There's a good possibility you'll start to avoid this person. You might not call them or see them with the same level of frequency you usually do or you might steer your conversation away from finances. In short, you will likely "tiptoe around the tulips" and not realize the "price" you're paying for not telling the truth and resolving the matter openly. Sometimes the resolution of the issue can be simple and relatively painless yet the inclination to withhold is still often very strong.

Not realizing the downside of withholding, you will tend to continue the withholding pattern even to the point of damaging the trust level with the person. The most obvious and extreme case of communication withholding is marital infidelity. The reason is pretty obvious: there is so much at stake. Yet, when the truth does come out in the open, what does the person on the other side usually say? Something like "what hurts me the most (beyond your unfaithfulness) was your continued hiding the truth from me". 

It definitely takes courage to tell the truth about sensitive matters. There are two keys to harnessing the inner strength and courage to express your truth and feelings. One is being clear about the downside of withholding it AND the second is learning HOW withholds can be communicated in a safe, effective and mutually empowering manner. 

Fortunately, a method exists for communicating withholds that does all this and more. What makes this method so powerful is the "safe container" it provides for your communication. I can virtually guarantee that using this method will clear the air and bring you and the other person much closer together. It will make it much easier to resolve even long standing issues and help the two of you to resolve differences and different approaches or viewpoints.

So how can you get your hands on this powerful Withhold Exercise? Glad you asked! It is available to all our registered Life Crafting Clients. If you're not yet registered, you can create a free account here and download the Withhold Exercise from our document library right after registering.

Once you start using it, you may have questions and if you do you you can get them answered in our Website Discussion Forum Withhold Exercise Discussion.

I look forward to assisting you in transforming all your relationships! Please post your comments below.


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For so many people, planned projects or important life changes never see the light of day. They don't happen. Why? There are many explanations and theores but for now, I just want to share one powerful discovery that I'm confident will make a difference for you.

In my many years of experience in my personal and professional life, I've discovered one overarching principle and piece of wisdom which I place above everything else. It is this:

Getting Started is Everything 

No matter what it is you want to do or accomplish, there is an undeniable magic to just getting started. Even just 5 minutes devoted to the beginnings of a new project, no matter how large or intimidating it may be, often creates such a significant shift of energy, that even the greatest amount of resistance, doubt, fear or confusion will often dissolve from taking this single action.

Maybe you have already experienced this and if you have, you know what I'm speaking about. Have you considered that you can apply this resource to your life right now and use it to create a significant breakthrough? You can! What do you want most now?

Perhaps you have seen the famous quote:

Whatever you can do, or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it.

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe


As complicated as our lives seem to be in some respects, this principle continues to remain at the top of my list of breakthrough strategies. I offer it as my gift to you.

One thing I hear from people frequently is how they would like to be able to make money doing what they love. So so many business owners are not generating the income they want. Can you relate?

If this describes you, you can change this. It all begins with one step that costs nothing but will empower you to take a giant leap forward. It is our Business Strategy Session. To see all the benefits and schedule your session, click here. This is that one magical getting started step that will set you on a new course.

Once you schedule your session, I will send you a link to my presentation “3 Secrets to Generating $10K per month in your service based business”.

As always, I welcome comments and questions. 


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