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How Much Do You Trust Yourself?

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At the foundation of everything in your life is your level of Self Trust. Why? When you trust yourself, you trust your ability to make decisions, even the smallest ones you make many times every day. 

When this happens you tend to trust others more and they trust you so all your relationships are significantly improved. This allows you to cultivate meaningful relationships, both personal and professional, and in this way it impacts your income and ultimately your quality of life.

If this is true, then why do people so infrequently focus on cultivating this essential quality of self trust? More than likely, it is one of those obvious things that eludes many. Our intention here is to support you in addressing in this critical area. As you do this, you'll see many things shift. 

If you've let yourself down in the past and not lived up to your own values, standards and ideals, then it makes sense  that you might not trust yourself in the same way as you might not trust a friend or colleague that has failed to come through for you.

The most important aspect about this is that you can rebuild your self trust in much the same way as you rebuild trust with someone else... by creating consistent positive experiences that add up to a greater level of reliability, safety and security.

I find that the lack of self trust comes up most frequently in connection to making decisions, like making an investment in a personal or business development program. Recently, a woman named Nancy said "I've done so many courses, yet I'm still in the same place i was before so why should I do another one? Nancy felt that since she didn't fully utilize the resources of past programs she could not trust that she would change this now.

Her lack of self trust was paralyzing her from moving forward in her life. Fortunately, in our conversation, Nancy was able to see that by forgiving herself and wiping the slate clean, she could start again and this time with a full commitment to seeing things through to a successful completion AND with a tenacious and loving support system that would empower her to achieve her goals. Today, Nancy has a successful business doing what she loves.

Where are you at now with regard to trusting yourself? What would be the implications of trusting yourself more? If you'd like to create a breakthrough in this area and accelerate your movement to fulfilling your life mission, a great place to start is with our complimentary Life Crafting Strategy Session.

The Strategy Session will allow you to see your life and business situation from a whole new perspective and create a road map for building a successfiul business making money doing what you LOVE. You can schedule your session here. I look forward to supporting you!


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What To Know Before Starting a Business

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Back in January I was interviewed by Steve Caldwell of The interview is now published on his podcast and accessible at

Steve is a really cool guy and a brilliant interviewer. I think you'll enjoy this one. Please post your comments and questions. Below are Steve's takeaways from our conversation.

What To Know Before Starting a Business

It’s not uncommon to hear of someone who chooses to leave the demanding world of corporate America to start their own business. Their choice of what that business will be, however, can either be a blessing or a curse. When the selection is about what will make the most money, you are likely on the wrong path – at least if you don’t want to recreate the same demanding environment you just left.

Howard Sambol experienced a life-altering moment causing him to reflect on the best use of his talents, skills, and gifts. What resulted was the creation of a process which leads individuals to uncover their life calling and passions and to translate that into a successful and lucrative business. What could be more fun than doing what you love and getting paid well for it?

What About a Degree?

Earning a degree and pursuing a job in that field is not the only option. We have been educated on historical ways of doing things that often don’t work well in today’s business environment.

It could be time to examine the limiting beliefs that could be controlling your career choice, find what you would love doing and build a lucrative business doing it. Learn how you can explore ways for turning what you love and are passionate about into a business that will reward you well.

If you want to enter the path of a business owner, be sure to listen to this podcast so that you don’t waste time getting on the wrong road and ending up where you started. Complementary strategy session from Howard Here.



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In this Video, you will learn 5 secrets which if applied with diligence, will allow you to achieve a much higher level of financial success, personal fulfillment and impact all at the same time. 
Many people are using these secrets right now, people who just a short while ago were just getting by and not harnessing their true gifts and genius.
This video is ideally suited to the people who are passionate about their work and dedicated to making a difference in the quality of people’s lives.
These 5 secrets are normally available only from high level business development programs costing tens of thousands of dollars but I’m sharing them with you because i feel they are so important, you absolutely must have them to succeed in today’s world.
The vast majority of people are oblivious to these secrets and as a result, they remain severely limited in the success they can achieve. You are extremely fortunate to be able to learn this information now.
In this video, you will learn HOW to apply these secrets effectively in your business so you achieve the intended results. For this reason you will want to give this video your undivided attention, take careful notes and act immediately to implement the recommended steps.
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Are Your Beliefs Allowing You To Create The Life You Want?

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In this post I'm going to share something powerful and profound. It is the subject of Beliefs and their impact on every facet of human experience.

Beliefs are formed at the subconscious level in every young child as an emotional response to their environment. They're usually created to help the child stay safe and may be appropriate for that particular time. However, they remain in consciousness over time influencing perceptions even when they no longer fit the situation.
Beliefs are also indoctrinated into the child by well-meaning parents and teachers. A father may tell his son “life is hard” thinking this will be helpful. Twenty years later the same belief will still be functioning and the man will have no clue why he is struggling so much.
As strange as it may seem, every thought we have is a belief. Our every-day self talk predisposes us towards certain attitudes and feelings. Whenever we have an emotional response to something, there's always one or more beliefs at work, creating reactions and behaviors.
Very few people have a level of awareness which allows them to see their own beliefs and fewer still have the ability to really change what they believe. The difficulty is that beliefs cannot be changed at the conscious, cognitive level. To verify this, just notice how temporary and ineffective it is to give someone a pep talk or try to convince them of something different. Religious beliefs are a perfect example. Many people would rather die than change what they believe.
Throughout history, beliefs have been the chief cause of hundreds of millions of deaths in all wars. All conflicts are the result of one person or an entire nation believing something about another person or nation. The right-wrong game has been the foundation of all society and is a direct byproduct of beliefs.
You Can Now Transform Your Beliefs
The Good news is that there is a process for changing beliefs experientially and when you do this the belief is is actually transformed and replaced by a new, empowering belief that supports you in creating the life you truly want.
Beliefs are neither right nor wrong, good nor bad. Saying a belief is wrong is simply another belief. Beliefs can be empowering such as “I'm smart man/woman” or limiting such as “I can’t make the money I want”.
One of the most powerful practices you can develop is to ask yourself: what might someone need to believe in order to have this experience?” Staying with this question will allow you to uncover the root cause of any situation. A measure of compassion is very useful when exploring beliefs. Judgments are beliefs. Everything you experience in your life whether realized or not is, at the core, a byproduct of some belief. You can think of it as the programming language of your bio-computer.
In the Life Crafting program, we have a powerful method for shifting beliefs available to all our clients. Not only do they get to experience the benefits right away of shifting limiting beliefs, they also learn the method themselves so it is available to them for the rest of their life. They gain the ability to identify the limiting (and transparent) beliefs in others and help them change them if they wish to do so.
Once you learn this method, your life will never be the same and you will have an ability very few people have. Virtually any situation, problem, challenge can be unraveled and resolved by using this advanced knowledge and skills.
You will never learn about beliefs in school even if you progress to a Ph.D level. The reason is obvious. Educational institutions do not want a truly empowered population able to shape their own reality. Think of how this would impact consumers and change their susceptibility to advertising messages! In essence, the population is kept in the dark and essentially asleep by the consistent practice of indoctrination – the subtle or overt practice of filling the masses with beliefs. 
What is Your Primary Challenge Now? 
Whatever it is, it will help you tremendously to write down all the things you believe about your challenge or situation. While doing this, notice where you have an emotional charge on an item, i.e. feelings that come up for you as you contemplate some particular, idea or belief. The beliefs with an emotional charge are invariably holding you back the most. I suggest you circle them. 
Next, ask yourself: is this belief serving me or helping me? If the answer is no, ask yourself: what would you rather believe? Write it down. Imagine having this new belief and the impact it would have in your present situation. This will help you to get started noticing and identifying beliefs that are operating in your awareness. Human experience lives in layers and when you have the courage to drill down and discover your deeper truths, you'll create an amazing level of freedom for yourself and for those you care about.
Changing Your Financial Situation
You will not uncover any one single factor more relevant and impactful to your financial life than the beliefs you have about money, income and all related subjects. If you want to make more money, start looking at what you believe about money and about all the things connected to it. 
Your relationship with money will define most everything that happens with it regardless how hard you work or how clever you are in your career or business.
Your Next Step
Do you have a sincere desire to change your life? If yes, it is time to take the first step in changing the patterns and beliefs that are stopping you.
Scheduling a complimentary Life Crafting Strategy Session will open the doorway to new possibilities. You'll have the opportunity to identify your limiting beliefs and begin shifting them.
You'll be able to assess the path you're on now and determine the changes that will get you into alignment with your highest purpose, passion and greatest gifts. Most important, you will learn the unique formula for making money doing what you love. NOW is the time to make this happen!
You can schedule your complimentary strategy session at I look forward to receiving your information and supporting you in creating the life you want.
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Your Solution to Overwhelm

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Do you often find yourself overwhelmed with everything that needs to get done and sometimes unclear about your priorities? This situation is extremely common nowadays for many people. In my experience, it seems that women are particular prone to this issue. The good news is that there is a real solution AND... if you're reading this, there's a good chance you're ready for it.

It's important for you to know that the solution to your overwhelm is NOT a magic pill that will instantly make everything work easily and smoothly. Rather, it is a game, which will help you focus, restore balance, get important things done and most importantly allow you to FEEL good about yourself, your life and your future. Not too shabby for a game, right?

However, I must warn you. This is no ordinary game. It is a powerful and transformational game AND yet one that is also fun to play. Sound interesting? You may be asking: how the heck can a game do such a thing? The game is structured so that just by playing it you get the critical feedback you need to make key adjustments in all aspects of your life.

You will soon see that honest, incisive and relevant feedback and adjustments are the keys to everything. How is this possible? When you get feedback on how your actions are out of alignment with what's important to you and you learn simple adjustments that will make a difference, you're empowered to create small but significant shifts. 

Please see my blog post entitled the The Magic of The 3 Degree Shift to understand how this works. Over time, your small shifts add up to significant changes. You're able to restore balance, clarify priorities, pursue goals and set boundaries with the important people in your life. The name of this game is The Promise Game™. The attached introductory video will walk you through the basics on how it works. 

So what kinds of situations can The Promise Game™ address? Here's one common example. You're trying to juggle the demands of a new business, home and family responsibilities but you feel that you never have enough time for everything. You're burned out trying to be super woman and take care of everyone and you never have time for YOU. Sound familiar? This seems to be the epidemic of our time.

In the Promise Game™, you will get clear on what you feel, what you need, what's really important and learn to communicate so you actually receive others' support. Imagine that! You learn to set limits, adjust others' expectations and make sure you have time for you. You also learn how to get past the internal messages of shoulds, supposed tos and move past any feelings of guilt that arise when making sure your own wants and needs are met. Sounds pretty cool, right?

How Can I Learn More about The Promise Game™ and Start To Play?
At Life Crafting, we believe that each situation is different. For this reason, we encourage you to schedule a complimentary Strategy Session so we can get to know you and devise a plan that is tailored to your needs. This includes your business AND your personal life since they are intertwined. 

In your Strategy Session, you'll learn how to create an effective support system that increases your business success. You will learn how to gain access to ALL the materials on The Promise Game™, access our online learning community, find a suitable partner and start to play! 

What's the catch? You need to act today because we will only be able to offer this at no cost for a limited time. Click here to schedule.

Please post your comments and questions below. 



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